Happy 2018, and welcome to the updating of our website. Hopefully we will soon be able to update all of our pages. Our Little Piggy is now four years old!

We started our relationship with miniature pigs in 2013 so that we could provide more fun animals at the Heal with Horses farm for natural therapeutic sessions. Back then we started referring to them as “therapigs”.

Now we have many miniature pigs living at the farm, ranging in age from youngsters to about eight years old. Between the piggies that live here and the litters we have bred, we’ve had a lot of piggy experiences!

A new litter may be arriving late this spring. We will update this information once we find out if our Mommy Pig is pregnant! Depending on the number born, there may be a few extra little piglets, so let us know if you are interested.

We provide our own pet pig food, which can be purchased through this site, and piggy boarding at the farm for people who need a place to keep their pet piggy when they have to go away. We also have occasional litters born to provide piglets for people looking for pet piggies.

The information on this website is based on our experiences with all of these piggies and what has worked best for us. We don’t compare ourselves to other breeders because we do things our own way. Of course we never stop learning because that’s how life works!

Our breeding and boarding facility is located on the Heal with Horses farm in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario.

This picture was taken in the warm, early summer days of 2014, not long after the piggies came to the farm.  Piggy picnic, anyone?  I could write pages and pages about how sweet, friendly and well loved these piggies are, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.