Is Your Piggy a Healthy Weight?

Oliver sideWe are quite strict about feeding, so all of our piggies are a healthy weight.  You’ll see that even our “big” boar, Oliver, is trim and healthy.  He has a large head and neck (normal for a pig), but viewed from above, his hips are quite narrow.  He has a round piggy belly, but it’s not hitting the ground so he can still run and jump. By the way, Oliver is about four years old in this picture.  You’ll notice that he has impressive boar tusks (which he never uses on anyone).

Please read this page for further instructions on determining your pet pig’s healthy weight by checking its spine!


To keep your pet pig at a healthy weight throughout its lifetime, just follow these instructions:

  • Feed your piglet their proper food, and feed the amounts specified according to their weight.
  • Ensure that fresh water is always available.
  • Limit treats to very small amounts of fresh veggies or fruit.
  • Exercise your piggy everyday. Get them moving, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. They enjoy following you around, so encourage that.

Following is a really good guide to determining whether a piggy is being underfed or overfed. Remember that if you seriously overfeed your piggy, the accumulation of fat on its back will make it appear that it has grown further.  If a roll of fat starts to cover the pig’s eyes and obscure the pig’s eyesight, then you have an obese piggy on your hands who needs to be put on a healthy diet.

overweight piggies