Veterinary Care

Just as pet pigs are still fairly rare in Canada, so are the Veterinarians who will care for them. It is important for you to find a veterinarian that you will be able to take your piggy to for annual check-ups and if emergency care is needed.

Not all veterinarians are willing to or trained to treat small pet pigs. You will need to find someone who is a swine specialist. Call around to vets in your area and ask if they care for and treat mini pet pigs, and if they have any experience treating and caring for these pets. You will have the most success contacting rural vets that have both a Large Animal and Small Animal Clinic. Places such as Toronto, where mini pet pigs are currently banned by by-laws, do not have swine specialists in the city, as people in the city aren’t permitted own pet pigs.

We have the names of several veterinarians in Ontario whom we know can and do care for pet pigs. (Under Ontario Veterinary College rules, we are not permitted to publish the list.) Our list is by no means complete. We would be happy to add any additional veterinarians to the list if they would like to contact us.

Contact us if you would like us to email you a copy of this list.