Pet Pig Food

Our Little Piggy Pet Pig Food

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We have changed our pet pig food in marvelous ways!

We have been selling our same pig food since we began our business in 2014. Now, we have modified and improved our pig food recipe!

We have changed the name of our pet pig food, and now we call it “Hogs & Kisses“!

Hogs & Kisses Pet Pig Food is NON-GMO and made with All Natural Ingredients.

We ship our pet pig food to piggy owners right across the country, through FedEx Ground or Canada Post.

Our original pet pig food recipe was specially designed by an Animal Nutritionist to meet all the special nutritional needs of miniature pigs, and was custom-made for us right here in Ontario. Our Hogs & Kisses Pet Pig Food is similar to the original recipe, but made with even better ingredients.

We now package the pig food in 15 lb. bags, and we ship it in the same 30 lb. boxes that we were using before.

One of the other changes we have made is that we now only charge one price for each bag, regardless of how many bags you want to order at a time.  The 15 lb. bag is now $18.00.

We ship our pet pig food to piggy owners right across the country, through FedEx Ground or Canada Post.

Healthy food contributes to healthy piggies!

What are the benefits of Our Little Piggy Pet Pig Food?

This food provides all of the natural vitamins and minerals needed by miniature pigs. It also has some natural ingredients that aren’t provided in other foods for small pigs.

Why are pellets important for pig food?

When we have the food made, the ingredients are ground up and made into pellets. We have learned why it is important to grind up pet food ingredients: While most pigs will eat literally anything, some animals may choose not to eat some of the ingredients. The other important part of having the food ground into pellets that we have learned is this:  When ingredients such as dried corn or peas are swallowed without being well chewed, then they come out the other end in the same shape. That means that none of the vitamins or minerals in the whole pieces of food are absorbed. When all of the ingredients are ground together with the nutrients into pellets, then you know for sure that the pig is going to eat all of the healthy ingredients.

What about piggy weight? We have had a very interesting experience. Some of our piggies have to be kept in an enclosed indoor/outdoor space, such as some of the mommy and the daddy piggies. These pigs maintain a healthy weight – neither too skinny nor too heavy.

Some of the pigs get to wander around at the farm. The ones that wander around tend to eat a lot of grass and whatever else they can find, such as apples that fall off the trees in the autumn. They put on too much weight! Whenever we put those pigs back in the fenced in area and they are back to eating just the pig food, their weight comes back down to a healthy level again.

Healthy food contributes to healthy piggies!  All of our piggies are raised on our food.  Here is a healthy and curious Lola.Lola side

Ingredients that make a difference:

These are some of the valuable ingredients that go into Hog & Kisses Pet Pig Food

All Natural Ingredients:

  • All the ingredients are now Non-GMO

Diatomaceous Earth:

  • All-natural internal parasite control
  • Reduces odours, prevents pest breeding in the home and around the home: a natural insecticide
  • Strengthens helpful microbial populations and suppresses harmful bacterial growth

Vitamin Mineral Premix:

  • Ensures proper levels of vitamins and minerals
  • Improves birth weights
  • Establishes healthier litters


Natural Trace Mineral Salt:

  • Naturally possesses a full array of trace minerals essential for proper growth and development
  • Regulates body fluids, aids in milk production and proper digestion

Flax Meal:

  • Provides essential amino-acids in pigs, as these cannot be formed in the body from other compounds
  • Provides a good source of linoleic acid, which is essential for an animal’s metabolic processes
  • Helps maintain soft, nourished skin