Herd History

The entire breeding herd at Our Little Piggy was created by Jaime Neeb of our little flock .

Jaime and her husband Matt went to a lot of trouble to legally bring the original pair of breeding piggies to Ontario from established mini pig breeding stock in the U.S.A.

The piggies were inspected by a veterinarian, passed their blood tests, tested free of Brucellosis and pseudo-rabies, and are healthy small pigs.

Size is a relative thing. First, you have to understand just how large a standard, commercial pig can get to be. They start off tiny, but by six months of age, they’re expected to weigh over 200 lbs. If they’re allowed to grow to adulthood, they will be 500, 600, 700 lbs or more! They are massive animals.

Once you know that, it starts to make more sense that someone would refer to a 150 – 200 lb. pig as a “mini pig”. A standard potbelly pig falls into that category. They’re usually 16”-20” high at the shoulder, and weigh up to 200 lbs. A “mini potbelly” is 15” to 16” tall, and up to 100 lbs. So if a 100 lb. pig is a “mini pig”, breeders had to come up with names to describe their piggies that would grow to be half that size or less. Hence, all the names that various breeders have come up with. We’re sticking with the term “mini pigs” or “small pet pigs”.

What we mean by mini pig is a piggy whose adult size is around the size of an English Bulldog. Our piggy breeding sows and boars are up to 14” tall at the shoulder.

You are welcome to come and meet our little breeding herd. Our oldest piggy mamas and papas were born in 2010, so they have reached their full size. Like dogs, pigs do the majority of their growing during their first year. Jaime’s experience with the growth of the herd is that they tended to reach their adult height (measured at the shoulder) by one year of age, although, like dogs, they would continue to “fill out” a little more as they matured further.

The best way for you to guess what size your baby piggy might grow to as an adult is to know the size of the adult parents. Our piggies are never bred before a year of age. We need to see their size and temperament and make sure they get a clean bill of health before being bred.

You will find growth history of our individual sows and boars on the Mamas and Papas pages.