The Mamas

Here we present Our Little Piggy breeding stock sows (mommy pigs). We will be updating pictures soon!

The girls enter puberty between three and seven months of age, but we prefer to start breeding them when they are at least a year old. We will only breed each sow once a year so that she has lots of time for recovery between litters and remains healthy.

We have chosen three of our mommy pigs that we will continue breeding.


Lola two

Lola is a wonderful, sweet mommy.  She has given birth to many wonderful little pigs. Her litters have all been very healthy, and she is very good at nursing the piglets until they are six weeks old. Lola turned seven years old in January of 2018.

She is a lovely, small size adult pig. One of her sons lives at the farm!

She is the mother of our Thera-pig whose name is Hamilton. He’s turning five years old this year, and he’s approximately the same size as his mommy.


Ginger is a very pretty young pig that we brought to the farm in the summer of 2016.  She has a lovely reddish brown striped coat and delicate features. She is a nice size and she has a very nice personality. She’s almost two years old, so we’re hoping to start breeding her soon!


Dorothy (also known as “Dot”)

Dorothy was born in 2017, and we decided to keep her as a future breeding pig. Her mommy pig is Addie, who has had a few of our litters. Her daddy pig is ???  Dorothy has spent a lot of her time with Nelson.  So far, she is a perfectly healthy and friendly pig, so we’re hoping one day she will become a mommy pig, too!