The Papas

We now have two breeding boars.  Unlike the mommy pigs, the daddy pigs don’t need any breaks between litters. They can be paired with the sows as many times as we require, and they’re always more than happy to comply!

We keep each of the boars in their own separate little indoor/ outdoor “house”. They are right beside all the other pigs, but we have learned that they have to be kept separated.  The mommy pigs go into heat for several days every three weeks. We have learned that you have to keep the boars and sows strongly separated from each other, or otherwise you can end up with an unintended litter!



Oliver was born in 2010. He is an excellent breeding boar, and he is very focused on his job!

He measures 14″ height just behind his shoulder hump to the floor.

He is daddy pig to little Hamilton, found on the Thera-Pigs page. He has been the daddy for most of our litters.

Oliver is a very sweet little guy. He’s very friendly, and he loves belly rubs and cuddles. He is also very nice with other pigs. We have sometimes put a spayed female or neutered male in with him, and they get along nicely.





Gilligan arrived at the farm in 2016. He is a very nice looking pig with a lovely face and rather long legs.

His first few months at the farm were spent in the house. Just like Oliver, he really enjoys belly rubs and cuddles. We like choosing the nice pig personalities as the parents of our litters.

New photo soon!