Purchase Piggy Step by Step

This Little Piggy went wee wee wee all the way home!

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So, do you like the idea of giving a small pet piggy a forever home? We understand! Whether you end up ordering a piggy from us, from someone else, or deciding that a piggy is not the right pet for you at this time, here’s what we suggest you do.

STEP ONE: Do your research and educate yourself. Start by thoroughly reading our website, and particularly the education section

STEP TWO: Check your local by-laws to see if your area allows a piggy pet. Sometimes areas that don’t allow them will make exceptions. You can learn more about that here.

STEP THREE: Read our suggestions for ensuring that you’re dealing with a reputable breeder.

STEP FOUR: Read our purchase information page.

STEP FIVE: If you’re now really excited to order a pet piggy from us, send us your application!

STEP SIX: Once your application is approved, you make your deposit and join our Waiting List.

STEP SEVEN: We’ll keep you updated on the sow’s pregnancy, and let you know when the piglets are born.  The piglets will be cared for, socialized, de-wormed, and neutered or spayed. At six weeks of age, the buyers will choose their piglet, in order of their position on the Waiting List.  The piglets stay with their moms until they’re six weeks old, and then we start to socialize them further.

STEP EIGHT:  The piglets are now at least eight weeks old, and either you’ll be picking your piggy up or we’ll be shipping him or her to you if that has been arranged in advance. It’s time for you and your piglet to start your new life together!

Of course, THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP can take place anywhere in the process.  And the MOST IMPORTANT STEP in a pet pig purchase is for you to come and meet us, and see all our piggies! We will only sell piggies to people who have met us and our herd.

After a romp in the yard, and it looks like some investigation into a pile of straw, this is one content and happy little piggy!Hamilton cuddle